Knowledge applied to business activities enables bottom-up empowerment, while generating entrepreneurship and competitiveness. 

 Support value chain strategies through the development of inclusive business approaches, that integrate small holders into markets with mutual benefits for the farmers and the business community, through the use of ICT tools, to set-up sustainable marketing networks, extension services and market information. 

Egypt’s Agribusiness Knowledge & Marketing Systems are promoted by Knowledge Economy Foundation (NGO), and operated by Knowledge Co. for Sustainable Development. 

How to disrupt the most traditional sector? 

➢ 50%+ of Egyptians livelihood related to the agribusiness ecosystem 

➢ 7 million farmers and 40-45% rural women labor 

➢ 80% of cultivated land in small holdings of ±3 acres 

➢ Representing the largest component of MSMEs and informal sector 

➢ High level of crop losses reaching up to 40/50% 

➢ Up to 4 M acres new desert development & land reclamation schemes 

➢ Cooperatives not functioning depriving farmers from economy of scale 

➢ No connection between small farmers, industry and research 

➢ Rural exodus expels youth to urban slums or migration. 

Data: the fertilizer of agriculture 

➢ Value chain strategies with inclusive approach matching large operators to SMEs and small farmers groups to leverage exports. 

➢ Upgrading and aggregating small farmers to meet new food safety and export regulations through capacity building of existing entities and/or design of new structures/clusters. 

➢ Customized extension services and technical support on mobile apps. 

➢ Promoting new agribusiness start-ups focused on youth and women within VC strategies. 

➢ Facilitating access to finance to provide alternative to the traders. 

➢ Innovative marketing solutions combining the use of ICT to the creation of new supply chain players and distribution schemes. 

The Village Entrepreneur Model

The Bashaier Model

➢ Focused on the VCs with the highest potential for agribusiness SMEs and small farmers, with specific networks for each value chain.

➢ Inclusive business approach supported by ICT tools.

➢ Market buyers linkages customized to their supply needs.

➢ Partnerships with state agencies for extension services on mobile.

➢ Leverage synergies for agribusiness SMEs through setting-up 


Bashaier Projects


1 st fruits, vegetables and herbs network with online marketplace, prices and extension services.


1 st agribusiness entrepreneurship platform for SMEs and virtual incubator.


1 st dairy value chain network on web with online marketplace, prices and extension services.


1 st fish value chain network on mobile and web with online marketplace, prices and extension services.


1st customized extension services.

On Google Play and App Store.

From Farm To Export

Export-oriented value chains with small farmers 

➢ Focused on 3 horticulture crops part of the Ministry of Agriculture program for export compliance certification of farms. 

➢ Selecting crops with high labor intensive characteristics: strawberry, guava and capsicum. 

➢ Addressing the key problems of pesticides usage with the 1st  Pesticides Guide” on mobile developed with the Ministry of Agriculture. 

➢ Setting-up a value chain with the exporters and input suppliers 

together with the small farmers by enabling their access to new marketing channels and knowledge through their capacity building and the use of ICT tools.

“From Farm to Export” An integrated program of export-oriented value chains with small farmers 

▪ Marketing services: alternative to the “buy/sell” function not fulfilled by the Coops 

▪ Extension and input supplies: alternative to the disappearance of extension officers and poor service of inputs distributors/traders 

▪ Agricultural services: provide access and/or implement services such as “Spray Service Providers” for pesticides, rental oaf agriculture machinery, supply of transport services. 

▪ Cooperation with Agriculture Faculties to disseminate scheme among youth as key target candidates. 

Potential funding through new national programs for start-ups funding

▪ Within Bashaier “from Farm to Export” project 

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