Linking Egypt's farmers communities to their markets

Egypt’s M-agri channel

The Value Chain Inclusive Business Approach

  • “Improved income through better marketing” is the primary motive for triggering change in the rural communities and for securing the sustainability of capacity building projects.
  • Small farmers' communities are viable IF linked to a network enabling their integration in their value chain, and supported by ICT, within a sustainable inclusive business approach.
  • Rural development is linked to the creation of new activities within the agriculture value chain, generating youth employment and village Entrepreneurs opportunities, Such as post harvest activities, forward and backward linkages and ICT-based technologies.

Bashaier Network Interlinked Services

  • Market and technical information
  • Online marketplace for crops and input supplies
The value chain marketing management platform
  • Operating as third party independent facilitator
  • Managing the linkages between the small farmers and the market buyers
The small farmers associations network
  • Capacity building to marketing procedures and managing supply contracts
  • Support in developing and promoting marketing plans
Bashaier network

The sustainable small farmers marketing network

  • Bashaier mapping and survey of key players representing the range of stakeholders operating in the value chain, indicates the viability of an agrifood network creating “win-win” positions for all players through the establishment of the missing linkages in the chain;
  • Establishing permanent forward and backward linkages between exporters, processors, retail chains, input suppliers, agronomists and banks/MFIs to the small farmers through comprehensive market place and information services on web, smart phones and basic mobiles, combined to a network of farmers associations and village entrepreneurs;
  • Focus on domestic markets and approach the export market through established exporters;
  • Utilize web/mobile tools to expand and benchmark the present successful existing ad hoc cases of market buyers working with small farmers directly;
  • Enable small farmers groups to focus on GAP, while relying on Bashaier marketing platform to handle the marketing aspects;
  • Target is to create a marketing platform based on the existing market structures and players, being understood that broader programs under MALR aegis will tackles issues requiring regulations, such as creation of local commodities markets, product specific value chain clusters, regulating on farm food safety, etc…
a circle show Bashaier chain value

Bashaier/KEF Strategy focuses on 3 main pillars

  • Develop a digital platform web/mobile combining technical and marketing information and an online marketplace as the back bone of sustainable marketing activities , named Bashaier.
  • Establish a Network of Village Entrepreneurs in partnership with selected Coops/NGOs and train them to manage alternative supply chains at local level and coordinate the bulk offering of small farmers produce and the monitoring of contract farming;
    The Village Entrepreneurs are supported by the selected Coops/NGOs becoming partners of Bashaier and trained to the principles of Farmers Producers Organizations (Indian model) which combines cooperatives as well as commercial functions;
  • Provide a permanent marketing arm of small farmers towards the market buyers through analysis of each category of market buyers supply chain needs of horticulture products, and, develop corresponding manual procedures to be followed by the Village Entrepreneurs and corresponding Coops/NGOs.

Bashaier/KEF 1st phase mobile/web platform

  • The program first phase focuses on the horticulture sector value chain, with 16 pilots in two governorates: Beheira and Minia, with the mapping of the most promising horticultural areas in the two governorates followed by the selection of the best NGOs and Coops to act as bulk contractors versus the market buyers;
  • Launch of the 1st mobile service: “Prices on Egypt’s Wholesale Horticulture Markets” in April 2015, in cooperation with “Mobinil” (Orange Group) using SMS and Voice Mail campaigns; and adapted to the basic mobile sets models ,
  • Call Centre Customized; to register small farmers interested in the service and provide general background, to be followed in the next phase by a comprehensive technical and marketing support .
  • Comprehensive marketing and technical web/smart phones platform including 10 key services:
a man calling using mobile phone
Online market place
Horticulture prices in Egypt and Europe
Small farmers database
Market buyers database
Input suppliers database
Agriculture experts database
Horticulture crops directory
Agriculture investor guide
Agriculture projects directory
Horticulture export guide