Bashaier platform is deploying in the 2 governorates Minia and Beheira both focusing on the horticulture value chains, with the possibility to operate as well in other regions according to demand.

The Network is to be self sustained upon completion of pilot phase, to expand nationwide, with the extension to other value chains, such as the dairy and the fisheries sectors.

  • Partnering with youth and women job creation programs promoters Bashaier Digital Network could team up with the rural development programs sponsored by state agencies and donors, by supplying its marketing services and access to the range of market buyers , while teaming-up with these programs will enable youth and women job creation and entrepreneurship.
  • Partnership with local NGOs:
    Bashaier builds on the rural presence of selected local NGOs to create jointly beneficial partnerships, bringing its marketing and business development experience together with an operative mobile/web platform, to complement their efficient rural capacity building.
  • Attracting youth to new rural activities:
    Promoting “Village Entrepreneur Info Kiosk” job to operate the mobile/web platform at village level and coordinating the small farmers groups, as a new activity among the agricultural schools and universities graduates, together with the corresponding selection and training programs as well as provision of ICT facilities.
    Organization of small farmers groups and contract farming with food processors and large exporters based on creation of post harvest new activities at rural level: on field packing units, transport, etc…
  • Women entrepreneurship:
    Based on the female workforce proven efficiency in following agriculture best practices , women village entrepreneurs are recruited and trained to monitor female small farmers groups, in agriculture produce requiring quality labor intensive cultivation such as: herbs, strawberries, cut flowers, etc…
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