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Value Chains Online Marketplaces

For Horticulture, Fish and Dairy

  • One network for each value chain
  • Buy and Sell Offers published and matched and contacts notified.
  • For crops and produce : with options: spot deals, supply agreements, contract farming.
  • For input supplies cross referenced with the produce.

Value Chains Extension Services on Mobile

  • First “Pesticides Guide”: on mobile in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture “Pesticides Committee”.

  • “Ask the Expert” Service, weather forecast and technical tips by SMS and mobile/web notifications.

  • “Market Information” daily updated Per crop.

Value Chains Management Platform

  • Sourcing and managing  farmers  supplies for market buyers.
  • Promoting input suppliers contracts with COOPs/NGOs.
  • Linkages with banks to secure Customized financing.
  • Implementing programs for specific Value chains.
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