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PestiGuide in brief

  • First pesticides guide on mobile in Arabic language, produced by “Bashaier Agribusiness Digital Networks” in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation, Pesticides Committee.

  • User friendly and comprehensive, the Guide is made available to all farmers free of charge to promote the concepts of safe food and inform on the pesticides authorized and registered, the methods of usage and the link to the companies supplying them and to the SSP/Spray Service Providers, together with an online “Ask the Expert” service.

  • Within Egypt’s agriculture exports strategy, the Guide will help the small farmers to participate to the good agricultural practices certification program of the Ministry of Agriculture for export compliance.

Pesticides Guide Contents:

  • Registered pesticides in Egypt
  • Registered companies
  • Distributors listings
  • Advices and Updates
  • Pest control procedures
  • Good agricultural practices
  • Spray Service Providers
  • Exports regulations and standards
  • Ask the expert onlineS
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