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  •  50%+ of Egyptians livelihood related to the agribusiness ecosystem 
  • 7 million farmers and 40-45% rural women labor 
  • 80% of cultivated land in small holdings of ±3 acres 
  • Representing the largest component of MSMEs and informal sector 
  • High level of crop losses reaching up to 40/50% 
  • Up to 4 M acres new desert development & land reclamation schemes 
  • Cooperatives not functioning depriving farmers from economy of scale 
  • No connection between small farmers, industry and research 
  • Rural exodus expels youth to urban slums or migration. 
  • Value chain strategies with inclusive approach matching large operators to SMEs and small farmers groups to leverage exports. 
  • Upgrading and aggregating small farmers to meet new food safety and export   regulations through capacity building of existing entities and/or design of new     structures/clusters. 
  • Customized extension services and technical support on mobile apps. 
  •  Promoting new agribusiness start-ups focused on youth and women within VC strategies. 
  • Facilitating access to finance to provide alternative to the traders. 
  • Innovative marketing solutions combining the use of ICT to the creation of new supply   chain players and distribution schemes
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