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Asmaknet Network in brief

  • Based on the successful launch and operations of Bashaier horticulture digital network, Knowledge Economy Foundation established “Asmaknet”, the first value chain  marketing digital network, to enable the fish farmers to link directly to their markets and achieve better

    “Asmaknet” is the 1st online marketplace on mobile and web for the fish sector in Egypt linking the seller and the buyer and providing information on market prices and extension services.

  • The 1st network connecting fish farms directly to their markets and suppliers

  • The 1st integrated program on mobile supplying best practices on mobile by experts from specialized entities and centers
    “Asmak net” is implemented by Bashaier Network and funded by the Embassy of Switzerland in cooperation with WorldFish Int’l Center (CGIAR).


  • Publishes buy and sell offers on all fish and related input supplies within 4 separate services.
  • Provides a search tool for all published buy and sell offers for fish and input supplies
  • Spot Deals, Contract Farming & Supply Contracts between fish farmers, Coops/NGOs & Companies
  • Matches buyers and sellers through alerts sent on SMS

Fish Prices & their Analysis

  • Obour National wholesale market prices sent daily on all fish as a benchmark for your trade deals
  • Daily SMS for main fish types selected in the subscriber profile
  • Analysis of each traded fish price over a whole year, to facilitate planning and negotiation.

Weather and technical information

  •  “Ask the Expert”: with customized answers for each famer
  • Weather forecast and related best practices with weekly updates provided in cooperation with the Agriculture Research Centre.
  • Customized SMS according to the farming area and the types selected in the subscriber profile
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