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Expanding access to quality input supplies for small farmers with the Egyptian Co. for Agricultural and Rural Development (ECARD) to be promoted on KEF/Bashaier Networks pesticides guide on mobile app “Dalil Elmobidat”.

KEF/Bashaier Networks agrees with the Egyptian Co. for Agricultural and Rural Development to organize a new agribusiness activity for youth in rural areas. Within the national program of the Ministry of Agriculture to train youth to spraying pesticides according to Good Agricultural Practices and providing a license for SSP, Spray Service Providers,  both entities will organize supplying the youth operating as SSP, to have access to the genuine pesticides and to the spraying equipment and help organizing the marketing of their services to the small farmers.

H. E. Ambassador Ivan Surkos, Head of the European Union Delegation to Egypt awards the EU Women Scientists who contributed to Strengthening Relations with Egypt in Research and Innovation to J. Dorra Fiani, President Founder of Knowledge Economy Foundation.

In recognition for her work for the development and valuable contribution to strengthening EU-Egypt Cooperation in Research, Innovation and Higher Education, Ambassador Surkos together with H.E. Jan Thesleff Ambassador of Sweden to Egypt awarded J.Dorra Fiani the EU -Egypt Cooperation in Research, Innovation and Higher Education during the celebration of the Women Empowerment through and for Science. Ms. Fiani presented during the event the projects implemented by KEF and funded by the EU Union.

QCAP Lab, the Central Laboratory of Residue Analysis of Pesticides and Heavy Metals, grants preferential rates to the small farmers supported by KEF/Bashaier Networks

The agreement protocol signed between QCAP and KEF/Bashaier Networks will allow all small farmers preparing for coding their farm and testing their produce for exports, to obtain a discounted price on the cost of their samples.
QCAP will also supply technical support to operate KEF/Bashaier Networks online service of “Ask the Expert” enabling all farmers to get on their mobile answers to all their questions and problems.

KEF/Bashaier Networks signs an agreement protocol with Agricultural Export Council to support small farmers access to export markets

The Agricultural Export Council, related to the Ministry of Trade and Industry, and representing all Egyptian exporters of fresh agriculture produce, join forces with KEF/Bashaier Networks, to support the linkages and contract farming agreements between  the small farmers trained by Bashaier Networks and the exporters.


“From Farm to Export”  the project launched by KEF which enables small farmers to register their farms in the Ministry of Agriculture coding system for export compliance is operated by the AEC in cooperation with the Ministry’s quarantine services, covers to date 5 horticulture crops. KEF project is focused on the crops which are high labor intensive and characteristic of the small holdings and presently launching the strawberries value chain in the governorate of Qaliubeya and the guavas value chain in the governorate of Behera.

The European Union-African Union agribusiness project LEAP4FNSSA North Africa launch at the 10th Africa Food Day Celebrations October 2019

The North Africa Chapter launch event at the 10th Africa Food Day celebration, October 2019 in Cairo.

As a member of the Leap4FNSSA consortium of European and African agribusiness entities, Knowledge Economy Foundation organized the launch of the North Africa Chapter within the international celebration of the 10th Africa Food Day in Cairo on October 28th. Inaugurated by Egypt’s Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation, Prof. Dr. Ezzeldin Abousteit and Ambassador Ivan Surkos, Head of the Delegation of the European Union

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