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Albannet Network in brief

Albannet.com, the 1st digital marketing and extension network for the dairy value chain in Egypt .

Following an extensive mapping of the dairy value chain in Egypt with the analysis of all its main stakeholders and the challenges and opportunities facing each of its segments, with a particular focus on the small farmers and the “Milk Collection Centers”, conducted in cooperation with Ain Shams University, Faculty of Agriculture and the USAID, SEED project (Strengthening Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development) “Albannet.com” was developed based on these findings, with an online marketplace for dairy products and input supplies, prices and extension services and the design of optimum models for aggregating small dairy farmers output.

The network links directly the small farmers’ communities, their COOPs/NGOs and agribusiness SMEs, to a range of market buyers and input suppliers in the dairy value chain. The online marketplace publishes and matches buyers and sellers for spot deals, long-term supplies and contract farming together with all input supplies. The customized extension services and “Ask the Expert” online tool are provided as well on Albannet.

A comprehensive database fully updated of all operators enables to connect farmers, dairy producers, manufacturers, exporters, the range of input suppliers, research centers, laboratories and related state agencies.The network is preparing new programs in cooperation with the relevant agencies with whom Knowledge Economy Foundation  has cooperation agreements in place, namely the Agricultural Research Center to supply online technical support and best practices on dairy production and manufacturing and implementation of food safety standards together with veterinary services.

A parallel program with the NFSA, National Food Security Authority, will be soon launched to focus on helping the “Milk Collection Centers” and their related farmers suppliers to comply with the safety norms and improve their income, through enabling direct marketing connections with the dairy processors.

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