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Bashaier Network in brief

  • Are you facing problems in finding good agriculture suppliers?
  • Do you have difficulties in marketing your crops?
  • Do your input supplies products reach small farmers efficiently?
  • Join Bashaier and be part of the first agriculture marketing network in Egypt, hosting the small farmers, coops and NGOs together with all agriculture sector companies: factories, exporters, retail chains, input suppliers…
  • Bashaier enables farmers to market their produce better
  • Bashaier enables market buyers to secure the needed crops at the required specs with competitive prices
  • Bashaier enables input suppliers to market their products directly to the farmers .

Welcome to Bashaier

  • 1st agricultural marketplace on mobile in Egypt

  • 1st agricultural network for buying and selling agriculture crops and input supplies on web and mobile

  • 1st comprehensive digital program providing market and technical information on SMS

  • 1st direct marketing and exchange platform linking directly farmers to all players in the supply chain

Bashaier mobile applications services:


  • Publishes buy and sell offers on all horticulture crops and related input supplies within 4 separate services.
  • Provides a search tool for all published buy and sell offers for crops and input supplies
  • Spot Deals, Contract Farming & Supply Contracts between farmers, Coops/NGOs & Companies
  • Matches buyers and sellers through alerts sent on SMS

Crops Prices & their Analysis

  • Obour National wholesale market prices sent daily on all fruits, vegetables and medicinal and aromatic plants as a benchmark for your trade deals
  • Daily SMS for main crops selected in the subscriber profile
  • Analysis of each traded crop price over a whole year, to facilitate planning and negotiation.

Weather and technical information

  • “Ask the Expert”: with customized answers for each famer
  • Weather forecast and related irrigation and pest control advice, with weekly updates provided in cooperation with the Agriculture Research Centre.
  • Customized SMS according to the farming area and the crops selected in the subscriber profile

Agribusiness databases

  • Comprehensive and updated databases on all registered farmers’ profiles, farmer’s associations whether coops or NGOs, all market buyers (factories, retail chains, exporters, traders …), input supplies companies, banks and financial services, agriculture experts, agriculture agencies, faculties and schools and research centers
  • Horticulture Crops directory including all published good agriculture practices and related registered inputs in Egypt, whether seeds, fertilizers and pesticides for each crops

Farmers services

  • Farmers hot line to register and subscribe over the phone as well as post crop sell offers, and answer queries.
  • Daily and weekly SMS with the market prices and weather forecast and technical advice, customized to your registered profile
  • Participation to supply contracts and contract farming, directly with the market buyers.
  • Marketing plans support for groups of farmers.

Companies and institutions services

  • Capacity building of small farmers groups to implement contract farming according to buyer’s specifications
  • Marketing and promotion campaigns for new products.
  • Agriculture value chains and rural development studies and programs implementation
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