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AgriRowad: 1st agribusiness SMEs and start-ups support center

  • Providing the needed focus on the sector vast diversification
    Digital resource center and exchange platform
  • Web-based resource center mapping all studies, researches, projects, programs and funding sources to facilitate their linkages
  • Series of key value chain analysis with updated statistics and geoportal linking value chains to each area.
  • Customized business models templates enabling to complete business plans online.
  • Linkages to the agribusiness research and training centers to provide access to the needed technology for the start-ups and SMEs.
  • Linking to the Egyptian diaspora of agribusiness related scientists, corporates and investors.
    Value chains and SMEs programs
  • Leveraging Egypt’s SMEs and start-ups national strategy Vision 2030 in favor of the agribusiness sector.
  • Addressing the gaps in the agribusiness value chains
  • Promoting new agribusiness SMEs and start-ups projects
  • Linking with funding agencies, donors and large corporates CSR programs to fund new SMEs projects to address the gaps in the different value chains.
  • Teaming-up with banks and MFIs to provide combined finance and marketing/BSD services and customized financial instruments

AgriRowad: Egypt’s Agribusiness Entrepreneurship Digital Platform:

A project of Bashaier Networks to promote start-ups in the agribusiness sector within value chains strategies

  • Value Chains analysis and statistics.
  • Geo-portal linking value chains to each governorate
  • Matching research agencies and start-ups
  • Online business plan model
  • Linking stat-ups with banks and financial providers
  • Publishing and promoting innovative projects
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